What is windows operating system and how many types

Windows Operating System is one of the most popular and extensively habituated operating systems in the world. This blog aims to give an sapience into the colorful types of Windows Operating System available in the request, their features and benefits.

Windows Operating System, developed by Microsoft, has been the leading operating system in the world for several times. It’s used by individualities, small businesses, and large pots likewise. Windows OS provides a stoner-friendly interface, a wide range of features, and excellent security measures. In this blog, we will bandy the colorful types of Windows OS and their features.

Types of Windows Operating System

1. Windows 10 Windows 10 is the rearmost interpretation of Windows OS, introduced in 2015. It’s the most popular and point-rich interpretation of Windows to date. Windows 10 provides a stoner-friendly interface, Cortana voice adjunct, virtual desktops, task view, and numerous other features.

2. Windows8.1 Windows8.1 was released in 2013 and was the successor to Windows 8. It provides a touch-friendly interface, live penstocks, and numerous other features. It also includes the Windows Store, where druggies can download apps and games.

3. Windows 7 Windows 7 was released in 2009 and was the most popular interpretation of Windows until Windows 10 was introduced. It includes features similar as Aero, jump lists, and libraries. It’s considered to be one of the most stable performances of Windows.

4. Windows Vista Windows Vista was released in 2006 and was the successor to Windows XP. It includes a new interface, Aero, and numerous other features. still, it was blamed for its slow performance and comity issues.

5. Windows XP Windows XP was released in 2001 and was one of the most popular performances of Windows. It includes features similar as the Start Menu, taskbar, and Windows Media Player. still, it’s no longer supported by Microsoft and is vulnerable to security pitfalls.


In conclusion, Windows Operating System is a important and dependable operating system that provides a wide range of features and benefits. It’s available in colorful performances, each with its unique features and benefits. Windows 10 is the rearmost and most popular interpretation of Windows, while Windows 7 is considered to be the most stable interpretation. Anyhow of the interpretation you choose, Windows OS is an excellent choice for individualities and businesses likewise.